Psalm negative balm

There has to be some ‘rhythm Otherwise it’s just not the same … But pretty words For sure must for part take some blame Fairytale promises & Feed our unrealistic ‘Faith” Like Psalm 91 The Psalmist made promises Pretty thick Pretty Fruity Thou I walk through the Valley of the shadow of death I shall fear no evil (You would admit to be scared shitless, if you had an honest hair on your head) Thy rod and staff protect me(Bullshit!& Whisfull thinking extraordinaire) And it carries on, Making phoney promises In the sixties man went to the Moon Today we have the internet And a huge portion  of humanity hang onto the ‘god’ excuse People remain primitive …

All that Protein makes body builders stink

Around the year I turned 40 I cast the last Hope of God off When I turned 47 My ass muscles tightened up Every year I saw people as ‘less’ Animals and Nature as more God does not nurture the soul Religion ruins every thing


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