everybody(just about) got fucked

There is no such thing as
Wyatt Erp was no hero
Geronimo got fucked by American politicians
Custer was headstrong and arrogant
Genl Amin ate a few of his opposers
Politicians are crooked
Lawyers are worse
Most people on plannet earth gets the shit end of the stick
Smal percentage rule
Rig the game their way
Control things
Their kids go to Private schools
Wear Harvard T shirts
Keep the dupes& plebs at arms length
Feed the Mob some bulshit, they for most are too stupid, or too religious to know any better

A lot of the people get fucked, a little % of the people do the fucking
Everyone wants more leg, but less starfish action, well maybe not everyone

No Story is ever as it is told
The more times it gets told the further it moves from what really happened
Books lie
Authors write what they can sell you
Stories about ‘our heroes’ sell better than stories of our reality


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