Not Popular = Anus From Uranus

Out of the blue
In the inbox
Zoosk bullshit
How come does this ‘kak now again appear?

Then …
Some years ago
With some others
Waiting in a tent
Waiting for the rotation’s end
Perhaps flying back to the ‘world
At a Trance Party
A Dancing Queen …

A married guy, said
Why aint you check out the ‘talent’?
Me being ‘behind’ the TIMES
Also didn’t Corndog
But he swore
His wife loved it

So there we where
Killing time
Time killing us
Living out of bags
Oiling our AK’s
Waxing our carrots in stinky porter shit houses
And then
I posted a ‘profile’ of myself on this site
Nothing ever came off it
Forgot about it,
It pops up
It reads
Your latest Compatible Date, (or something to that effect/ chosen by a computer program)
The girl does look doo’a bill
Possible another fruitloup loser
She is separated from Hubby
Kids not living with her(bonus)
Not interested in Long Term(double bonus)
Originally from Joburg(Could be a Bonus)
Came to the Cape waters (looking for her soul)( Oh Fuck , are you from Uranus?)

But unless us both agree, the thing is going to expire
I don’t think I ll respond
I have a Buck
I m content
I don’t need any more fruit loops to complicate shit

That one Dating site(long ago before)
The Christian Adventure Woman
Plastic canoe paddler
Prayed that the sharks would eat me

Not popular, according to their Ratings

I apparently(then) liked” Clean,
Thin ahtletic foxes-
Dark headed Jewish princess- Full lips boney hip Italian mistress – Xmas cracker under my tree

No Christians. No Fruitloops. no Bimbos.
An Intelligent one with a battered Soul … It would be OK to find some conversation and thin arms around me on the wave ….
Ideal Date
Go swim in the Atlantic … so I can see the shape your in … listen to what you got to say … so I can see if you v got a brain …
Wear a dress
Good perfume
Push your prunneee nipples into me
I like good feet


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