There is a lack

That feeling some of us have ( we might come to it, right in the midst of a crowd , or dinner party, or at midnight having a wee)
People do not want to admit,
That they feel it
But it remains there
‘The reality

Like an itch
A hunger
A scratch
Then we try
Promise ourselves … we swear on it
(Go into the denial game)
We ‘become ‘ positive’
We say and hear things to show that we are winners, and winners will win
And ge the Golden egg
Choose ‘Life and Love and fairies
Fluffy Passionate extraordinaire
Hands on the Bible
Flog dead horses
Swear there is a cure
Can never quite cover it over, or up
Even our Greatest Love stories reveal
Our failure
The Valentines peppermint has faded
The lack of conviction &
Intimacy That does not exist
Hits you at midnight


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