There is those that suffer
A terrible weakness
Those that seek a longing
The hunger &search for a Kindred Spirit
What-a futile consignment
It is the Recipe for being ‘stranded’
Dick in hand & hat full of piss
Ridiculous, you will eventually realise, your quest have been …

I too,
Let them down, my supposed friends
I didn’t return phone calls
Got pissed when they did the same
Sometimes we meant to reply
But got sidetracked

I d loose the bloody phone
After a while they would not believe me anymore ?
I mean how many times can one guy use that excuse!
Its hard for people to believe,
Seeing how caught up everyone is with the mobile phone
Most people cannot disconnect themselves from their devices … they simply cannot fathom the idea, of not being with a phone, or away from it … SO my lack of ‘phone discipline’ is simply unexceptable, or at best not understood

Another problem I have is my ‘racing mind,
A day is too short for me, there`s to much going on …
I like looking at the birds, or the leaves moving in the breeze
A fly on a turd,

Maybe my words(likewise) was white noise to them?
Often I cought myself ranting,
In the midst of trying to ‘getting’ a thing’ (my point) across … I could see the disinterested looks I would get
Maybe I was mad?
Maybe I am
Yet I thought that certain friends would ‘get me’
But it seems they did not
Maybe al this talk of caring and friendship is simply a con
Understanding each other is simply a fucking lie
The best any of us should expect is Indifference


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