The Dream , it’s all quite wonderfully ridiculous


 You pull the duvet close, covering your ears,

Its cosy

Your half way back from dreamland

There you stood, facing the window that face the Sea

In you came and they only had the one barstool left next to the brunette

You didn’t mind

The restaurant is full, busy, morning coffee, and croissants, and pig ears

Eggs over easy, and the ‘neighbour too is easy on the eye

Your elbows touch, and she turns and look

It’s a Nick cave song

And a Kick in the Nuts

It’s a moment to remember

It’s An Angel Choir

Its Five hundred bats landing on your Heart

It’s a sack full of pups licking your balls

For a moment you’re in Love

It’s a moment when all else disappear …


It’s her hair

Her Smell

Her hips in a dress

Her ankles

Her fingertips

You’re hungry as a wolf for her caress


You got tear yourself away, before you look ridiculous …


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