Condesending Bullshit

For almost forty years I tried to believe in the God story

The saying goes that if you ‘brought up a child in the ways of the Lord, he would not depart from ‘it’

Or would , at least return, one day, 

After he had(she) his turn in the ‘ world’

At School, they started everyday with a prayer, and an anthem

Weekends it was Sunday school, and Church. At school everyone ‘ believed’ ‘kinda.  Sort off …

Those who did not believed the Farce, knew to keep it to themselves, Charles Darwin was considered a Satanist or Devil, Hence the average Christen thinks being an Atheist is the same thing .

National Geographic magazine was not allowed in some of my school friends homes, because it spoke of Darwin, and Evolution.

Most school friends grew up quoting their parents, adopting what they had been presented with

Believing apparently what their parents also ‘ believed’

That was the general consensus, regarding things ‘ passed on etc etc …


Not everyone was satisfied with that version of God, Ot that supposed choice, or Life, or why the fuck ‘are we here for instance’, Supposedly for a ‘Reason’ …

The story that there is an all loving Creator, that knows me &you, And has a wonderful ‘plan’ for us, This is like throwing breadcrumbs to goldfish, …

The Human race has not evolved a hell of a lot over the last couple of hundred years …But, However,
Hence ‘Came to Light’ in the Bold Sermons told to ‘hungry pilgrims’, ready for some ‘blessings’

The likes of the Mega Pastors & Mega Preachers was ready to give you the ticket, show you the way, just open your wallet and begin to pray
It was preached this Prosperity message, you just had to tap in …
Cause God gave blessings and Satan was the bastard that ruined the party, when and if if things when wrong
But don’t loose your faith it was said, because Cheesus/God had a bigger plan, and had only allowed satan ‘ temporarily, to fuck with your jewels, but all you had to do was hang in there, with more prayer, and off course your tithe ..

Some so called Big Revival was coming, God ‘s Spirit was on a War Path, wanting to kick Lucifer back to the hole, and give you your whole inheritance …
On TV you could tune in to Jimmy Swaggart, or Haggard, in South Africa we had Ray Macaulay,
They sold you the  whole Package

Here was the Modern-day Jesus and Holy Spirit available to fill your tank for the week ahead

Christian Rock band and Lady singers with big hair,

Velvet collection boxes to receive your tithes and offerings “Bring all the tithes into the storehouse so that there will be enough food in my Temple, If you do, ” says the Lord Almighty, “I will open the windows of heaven for you.  I will pour out a blessing so great you won’t have enough room to take it in! Try it! Let me prove it to you!” (Malachi 3:10)

People ‘ prophesying’ and speaking in Tongues’

To non believers it seemed all very strange, But we all swore it was from God, and that the things off the Spirit would seem strange to the world, that was the favorite explanation

But Not All would’ receive ‘ this gift of speaking in tongues, and if you questioned it, then it was insinuated that you were small in faith, and there was sin in your life, and therefore you could not receive the Gift, of the tongues or interpretation,

Some Christians struggled with this, wondering if they were ‘ perhaps not good enough?

Others simply had their own version of how it worked. There was churches to everyone s taste. 

Gays where apparently going to Hell.

God love queers, but hate frigging in the rigging

Today, 2014, There s friends who wonder where it all went ‘wrong’ with/for me

They say ‘ he got hurt, and now blames God”

No, Dear friends, not at all, I do not blame what is not there, though there was a time, a transitional period where it was hard, hard to get my head around … and it s kinda funny now(to me) … How something so ridiculous was revered . This absolute Con of God that I tried to believe.
There is No God. 

I simply realized that the things I were told as a child were just stories, that there was better explanations,

And that we were lied too
Insecure ‘ believers’ need to confirm what seemingly is hard to believe, so if they can all agree upon their story, then it must be true?


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