No need to pretend(when you see the likes of me)

I also had a little Blue bird tucked away,
The one Charles wrote about,
But he is seen less
We should not care too much, about what the mob think of us ?
If you don’t get ‘me

, well that’s not really important
Nor, or neither do I have the energy to convince thee

What for?

Who cares

I m not all that great(yes),
However , screw making an excuse of/for my ‘character,

Or the ‘character you say I am, or imply
Lectured by Joe, for being crude
Read the scriptures (to the likes of i)
And for most its about appearances,
That is important in Society
Ask how I am,
And then turn your head away
Suzie Q come out off Woolworths, you are staring at her new plastic tits …


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