smelly flower

In this day and age, we are mostly expected to ‘respect’ other s opinions

Yet that’s bollocks, is it not?

And besides, Are all our opinions valid, or to be regarded as equal?

There people that think the earth is six thousand years old, and some that believe they fly up onto a cloud, when they die

There s others who steal, murder, cheat and lie, Yet are judges, Diplomats, Politicians, Pastors, and Successful in this world.

Their word are taken as fact(sometimes), because they have some say/pull, status, in the community.


There is scumbags in high positions

Everyone knows that

The Rich fuck the poor, always have, always will

The rich are successful

And ‘god’ sits on a cloud and observe all this?

A woman, or a man may say having sex is being intimate, and most of the world can/would relate to the ‘phrase’

But its not. Its not really intimate, nor being intimate

Its just fucking

And it is fucking good enough

Not necessary to make it anything bigger, or greater, or Holy

Its just two pieces of slippery eel rubbing into and out of each others parts

At the climax some juices are exchanged, and maybe a cigarette is shared

Thats fine, then usually the male wants to go and fish, or hunt or sleep

The woman feels different

Who knows what she feels(I m not a woman)


There is an intimacy, I thought(once upon a time)

An intimacy where ‘love birds would ‘connect’

A Hollywood story

Of a Prince riding a white horse over a wooden bridge

to kiss a damsel, and make her


that kind of bollocks

but its a thing you may find in the woods

when you pull down your pants

and shit on a flower

Or a thing I v not yet been able to get hold off

Looking for a shared though, a equality of sorts

A kindred spirit?




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