dont knw how to reply

Haven’t much to offer at this time

Not for You

Nor for most

I as you know, do not like the human race

I do not believe in people

Nor in the gods


The beagle pup we bought brings such joy to me

And the bigger, older dog Paxton too

Kind creatures, without plans and schemes

without promises 

They wont keep

The small dog eats shit(sometimes), but the Vet says she will outgrow it


Taken the dog to ‘training at Wynberg on Saturdays

Lots of other pups, and owners

Like most of the dogs,

Dislike most of the owners

I m on medication now
It takes the `edges off’
Dr Cohen said I would feel like a new man
I still hate the ‘locals’ & tourists
I still hate suburbia, and Constantia mummies in their SUV’s
Maybe I need something stronger

went to a outdoor party last when home, said little, … observed
stared a little
rode the bike back in the rain
then got on the plane to come back here


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