still nowhere, a confirmation(blah)

‘surrender’ my honesty. No, I m a f-up in the fitting in and saying the ‘ right thing’. (I mean I will never be a well adjusted citizen), Its frankly not something i care for.
I would have cared for it. If ‘being a citizen’ was wht it should( acc to the lie) have been.
But the world is run by people with little or no ethics.
The world is run by cheats, jamstealers, yesmen, marble polishers. Secondhand car salesmen. Ruperts, lawyers, thugs, politicians

the Knights, in shining armour is a bullshit story. The “new boyfriend” or girl is more of the same. I v learnt my lesson, thank goodness , enough

To ‘ succeed’ in life, or business at least you need to know how to ‘play the game’ . A skill-set I despise. Playing the game means being’ flexible, means your gonna go with wht gets you the post, the position, saying the ‘right thing, even if its bs, or un ethical.

I offend people because I confront their bullshit stories, then they get offended.

I m unable, and unwilling to become ‘house trained’ so to speak. I m not interested in Pollicitcs, or pretending to be a nice guy. I m interested in some kind of truth.

instead of saying to any woman, that she s the best thing, I d rather be honest and say she may be the best thing for the moment,, but no one wants to hear that, woman (as men) need to believe bs. Women want to be told they are the prettiest(by their spouse), and men need to believe their dick are the hardest, longest,
men are pathetic , at least , at best


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