Dr G turns her attention to Carlos` head
She is the pathologist
Doing the autopsy on four month old Carlos
Its a TV show
Its the TV in the Office I m watching
I m doing night-shift
Its the Murder channel

People are evil
Two girls murdering their mother earlier
Another girl shooting a guy, saying she wanted to know how it would feel to kill
Then its the autopsy program …
Dr G and her case
Dr G finds early on, two signs of abuse
Inflicted head trauma, may indicate Child abuse
The infants head is examined
She open the scull with a small saw
Dr G removes the fragile organ to the dissecting table
Dr G look for signs
She finds no evidence of the cause of death
No evidence of abuse is confirmed,
The chest is opened up
She find a foul green amount of 50cc’s of fluid
The baby’s bowl has been damaged
What has caused this injury?
Dr G discovers that Carlos had an unattached intestine, and this had twisted itself around the other part of the intestine …
He died from terrible Pain
His inexperienced and young parents did not know what to do,
They thought he was just being difficult when he was crying …
They wait, and only the next morning is he taken to hospital
By that time it is too late
The bacteria spread to his blood stream during the night
The result is swift
He looses the fight


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