4th of July2013

Who are the real crazy ones?
Those who pretend that things are OK?
That the absurdity of so called normal life is OK?
Are not …
The ones who show their anger,
Toward, and …
At at all the absurdity,
Perhaps are they not the sane?
Or at least the slightly more honest?

The world we `strive in
Most have succumbed to
a serf excistance
The day to day slog
Is this not enough to get you to the spin Bin?

Up seems to mean down
The tail has been wagging the dog
Everywhere there is false and phony
Insincere pretentious frivolous duplicitous meretricious
Loud brash harsh cruel deceptive twisted
Vanity flattery two faced fair-weather brethren
Unethical businessmen, Corporate Gangsterism, and
Powerful ruthless greedy Banks with advertising logos
Men in polo-shirts throwing Frisbee for cream color Labradors
Old women and men, in old age homes forgotten,
Piss running down their legs
Acid attacks in Iran, and
Poppies grown in Afghanistan
Israel bombing children
And Occupying lands
GOD said its OK
The Absurdity and Insult of Life is never ending
Man keep showing his lack of goodness …

Give someone an honest reply, chance is they l be offended
Miss someones birthday and chance is they l be offended
Instead you v got to pretend
you got to lie
the joke is everyone goes along with this
and yet,
they also swear they like honesty in a person
Well its bs off course
the world do not like honesty
it breeds, teaches, succeeds, and function in, and
onward …
In Dishonesty


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