The Crab walk

Another apt description was
`That we searched for an intimacy that did not exist’
Shocking to the ears of the romantic, for sure
However, now it would seem correct,
At least to the realist

Once you roamed with the fruit-loops
When you`r @ the fucked up Rev limiter of the Medulla,
You may well believe in all the fairy tales
Search for the `Holy grail
And try and split the `unattainable Atom`
But the cookie always come out crushed

When the Spring blossoms discard their seducing odor
And young perkiness blossom`
September drops landing as songs on your roof
The One inclined,
Is to be fooled,
And could even be forgiven,
Later perhaps?

But there is no fool, like an old one?
With the decay
Sometimes harsh reality
But not for all!
Some cling to the blanket of denial

Others, supposedly cynical
Mock the Cardies Rainbow,
Not be fooled by the love story

A plucked flower dies
Even when left in a Vase with a Disprin
Stench overwhelms Rosemary petals
“Puppy love lead only to a dog’s life”

And so it is …
At this midnight hour
Fingers crab dancing over the Acer


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