strawberry and sour cream

Rescue us!
from the lonely night
from dying alone
from the old age home
and the jaws of decay

rescue us from the
the boring …
Boring unoriginal cut and paste
Mundane lanes of traffic
The chores and ques that swallow our fairy tale
Family reunion` where your forced to endure another xmas turkey
God help us!
rescue rescue rescue
dial 911
barman pour me a stiff one!
agony aunt can you please advise …
Santa where is my cunting Bike !
Tall dark stranger
A few party tricks?
Knight in shining Armour
“You ever coming to give me that Kiss?”
, tell me Yo
tell me Yay
Wake Her up …
Revive the Bitch
Snow white
Fairy God Muther
The cold ass ice

when will i(U) be loved?
attention comes to the less deserving first
You and me are loved for all the pretty long legg`ed reasons
or maybe because
your a ‘fun guy’
The sexy the pretty the frivolous

good morning strawberries and cream


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