limp biskuit and young Blood


Drink Beer
Look like a retard
Repeat next week
To confirm

Young blood rush
Into the 18 year male penis
An army of ants is let loose inside the goons
And the carrot must fire
Or Johnny might explode

Another one walks down the road
His pants hang by his guava’s lower lip
A pimpled faced red head sits quietly in the corner
In a year he ll be in a porno, or
At University

Its almost impossible to be wise when there s so much
cranberry juice flowing to
Marble hall

Well, maybe its better to be Dumb and sure
Rather /instead …
Than Past the sell by date, and trying to look like U still ‘ could”
`Could` being anything better left for the sub forty Male
Those who said life start at forty is bullshitting themselves
Its the arrival of a big Kick in the shrinking gajones
MID CUNTING LIFE crisis has arrived
your dick look forward to lunch
but once the fillet arrives he s not hungry

Men go and buy pink shirts, or a Ferrari
And they go and see the Doc
get some help
pump up the limp biscuit

there s two ways to look at it
Or maybe 200
Laugh at it
or Get fucking depressed


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