this Place

Bukowski knew
And so did Carlin
And so did Nietzhe
And so did Dostoevsky
Jean Jacques Rossouw, when he wrote Solitary Walker
And so did … ?

The mob only understands regurgitation,
unaware of their ‘skill’
They throw their ‘pearls’ in your face
You l find them ‘believing’ the TV journalist
And what the newspaper editor sells them
Duped, they soldier on …
The Fan
The Peanut Gallery
The Middle Man
The everyday imbecile

if your one of the cursed
with a brain bigger than a
you too might be on thin
ice like a dinosaur
in this Place

In this place’
there s lots of talk
They discuss ‘murder’ but
They themselves are worse, than
Most Inmates`
They ‘love’
but it is fickle as autumn skies

They are best avoided
They are all over the place
Everywhere you find them,
Or rather
They find You

in this


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