Vultures Hyaenas, all our beloved Fans

The Fickle mob;
Crucified Christ
Loved burning people at the Stake (Oh well that was possible not all that fickle?)
The Crowd of swept up crocodiles are waiting to be unleashed …
The Crowd loves to watch the ‘rapist ‘ get his ass caned to bacon
He deserved it they shout,
Ultimately it is a good ‘show’
Pick up your packed of salted peanuts on the way in to the Stadium

The Mob makes a gear shift when they smell some twisted ankle
The same people who wear crosses around their necks,
Today …
Shout/ed with blood-thirst, fists in the air …
`kill the Arab, Kill the Non-Believer, Kill the White Boer, Kill the Black …
The Human Race haven’t changed one bit

The Fan,
The Follower
The Man
The Woman
The Fan’s that wore `live strong` bangles, last year
Now hate Armstrong
The crowds applauded when Tiger sank the ball on the 18th,
Later ‘they ‘ said they knew all along he was ” …”
The Sponsors pulling out like the parting of the Red Sea
The Same Duped fools who said SO and SO was an ambassador,
Now want to see him hanged by the nuts
Their blood thirst did not take much to surface
Did it?
The Feeding Frenzy needs but a drop of Blood,
And the Sharks come out of the woodwork

Everyone is on the Bandwagon
“Hang him hang him,” they shout
They r finding ‘evidence under every peddle in his paved driveway

That`s the ‘love’ of man kind
The compassion of scorpions

Alone the hero of yesterday
Together the Mob Shout
Throw another shrimp on the Barbie

Blade Runner (eBook)
During the course Oscar has battled to overcome extraordinary difficulties to prove that, with the… Was R112.95 Now R90.95


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