‘Goodbye’ then …
“Don`t write”
Lets not look back
Don’t cling to the memories
Like shit
To the proverbial blanket
That`s for old Farts

Pass the place on main road
Where there was a shop
Last ‘time,
there were newspapers stuck to the windows …
so what?

Further up the road
A house
There use to be a light burning

Waters edge,
Swim past the kelp,
& do not care to remember(screw that)
Leonard Cohen sang his shit for himself (`the Absent `Mare)
From the rocks … there only remains a dead `Ingrid’
Past midnight a `Freedenburger, … and likewise do not read
into that
or go and get all sentimental about any of it

Pushed over the jungle gym
Got banned from the Birthday parties
Liked the girl who liked the guy with the new haircut
And funky trainers
She never looked this way

So here we are
With our so called ‘closure’
What a laugh,
Well maybe it works for …
I too must cast off now
The Monkeys fist entangled with the Stern’s lanyard still entangled
The years away

Go to Her grave,
And stand there
The wind moves the leaves


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