whoo i luv flat yokee tits

we speak past each other.
I wanted you to hear me, but the paints peeling off the walls …
and your eyebalss are looking at the moth zooming past the window

You say I cannot love you, unless I stop loving others.

Loving others’ does not always include a dick, but may always include a dickhead?
well maybe some men would like to fuck many, but it does not mean they love them equally, does it?
You may even love a thin girl with flat yokee tits …

Lets be honest … Most men want to fuck as many women as they can … that’s what men don’t tell their girlfriends wives mothers etc …
A man that says he only ever wanted to fuck his wife, is a liar, or maybe he also believes in Santa …

And, then you have What a Woman demands/wants

Girls/women want to own men… they want to take a man and domesticate him, he must surrender his soul .
he must become a bird in the cage,
A Labrador
They(women)fall in love with the wild bird alright,
He appeals to them when he is flying free, but as soon as they have it(him) they want to pluck all the tail feathers …

I v always been faithfull to who ever I was seeing,
but it never mattered, I still was not good enough …
The Crow must fly to the rubbish heap,
The owl must whoo at night …
The lovebirds are caged,
And a blanket goes over them …


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