cheesus didnt tap

They say that They feel sorry for the likes of I
They say ‘shame he got hurt’
They say they know Cheesus loves sinners, but hate the sin
They say a lot of things, they apparently heard from Cheepers

I say ‘ grow a brain’
Go read a good book, not the Good Book
Dare ask a question?
Dare be honest about the Story you v been clinching on too … ( sadly most only get worse …)

Quite arrogant that these people think, and believe they know where the ‘ sinner’ or another is at?
But yet, they themselves have the analitical capacity of a fruit-fly
With them its cut and paste , using scriptures to ‘prove’ things ‘
what ever sounds good, whatever they ‘claim’ … Their marriages suck, or they on their thrid wife, but apparently ‘ This Time’its the real thing! Conveniently God and them must have forgotten the previous marriage wher ethey also swore it was forever and ever till the Angels sing …
They l tell you they have the Spirit, they have been given a Word’ and beware Hells wrath should you come and ask a question that challenge that. Your life sucks because your not in His will, but they off course are … End of argument
Its a pointless argument.
Whatever the Frisco coffee breath Pastor sells them on Sunday, the message , That God wants them to know, have, or hang on another few light years … He is apparently coming back on a Silver Cloud and a White Harley
God s on their side, and you better watch your step buddy!

Theists are dangerous people
They have God Sanction
and who the hell do you think U are?

Cheesus didnt tap


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