we read Bukowski
and we(some of us) ‘relate’
and then
there s the News
The Radio DJ ‘s and all the trivia
the wet behind the years wisdoms
we read the ‘paper’
and we r upset,
there s some cyclist ridden off his bike in the New South Africa
in Camps Bay you l see the affirmative action Ferrari on New year`s
and you l see the white bergie too
you l see white Security guards,
best they can do?
Best they can do in SA at this dreary Mayan new begining(what a wank that is)

you l see the Harley riders
and the rusted pick ups of the plebs driving through
you l see the Meretriciousness of the Mutton dressed as lambs = at the Grand eating crayfish,
The stinking Rich looking bored with their wealth and their beauty
you l see the wise ass fag from London boasting
you l see a whole lot of vulgar shit come Xmas and New year
or for that matter the whole year round …
But for some goddamn reason your suppose to feel excited, and celebrate another year that’s possible gone be exactly the same, amongst all the same two timing mother fuckers


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