tiring delusions

mutton dressed as Bambi’s bitch
Isnt that a drag?
Old women with delusions of grandeur,
And fairy tale love stories

If your sixteen , fine.
Its time to be young.
Its time to be frisky.
Its time to roll in the hay
Thrity somthing is fine.
Perhaps even early forty? Perhaps
However, far too many forty year old women are trying to BS themsleves
Off course men ar even worse(ha-ha),
Seen many old men in low fast cars?

By all means have a assosiaition. Have a relation. Have a roll in the ‘hay’
Just dont tell me too much about it.
I dread imagining your sloaping tits , and sagging ass …
spare me the thought
Older folk should wise the fuck up, leave the young girls & romance for the young guys who still have hard functioning dicks, and girls with perky tits

Leave the bottox, and leave the Tightening skin pulling and sillicone , Leave that stuff alone …
its possible similar doing the cosmetics of the car, but the engine is dead
Grow up.
You had your time


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