New Dawn(ing) … (my ass)

some of us are going to be angry
In this world we are surrounded by idiots

Those who like to decide for themselves,
Those who hate being pushed, and being told … what to do, and who to worship, for instance
Those with an aversion for the pat and the glib, are gonna get labeled as not being ‘team players’

Those with a questioning, and analytically busy disposition, will ask the Manager a question he cannot answer, or better still, are afraid to try and answer …

Not every one ‘ falls for every advert or ‘believes all the crap about the Mayans or any of the bullshit your Pastor told you
Grow a Brain?

My father was generous with his appreciations`
I got angry, then
But now I at least wonder sometimes,
if he was perhaps right about me

Be carefull of the Light, more than the Dark
Not the Sun,
The sun is A = OK
Have an aversion for what the ‘believers’ call the Light
That`s their Lie.
Declare Bullshit as being bullshit, when the opportunity presents itself. Have some Balls?
All the Lies we where fed as kids, as young adults, as teenagers. All the Bullshit, that was forced down our throats
Teachers, Grandparents, Media, Church … Phoney Atrologers, and Dabblers … the list of the stupid tits is long …
Stupid adults making stupid kids,
That will be their(our) Legacy. ( you always hear how so and so is so proud , becasue he knows his son believes in his values, etc …


We are still here(tonight)
That too will pass, and a day will arrive, where we wont ‘here.
Our time would then have passed.
Look at the trees, sky
And find consolation, Those things will still be here, when we are no longer.
There will still be birds and sky.
The world don’t need any of us


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