should we;

feel sorry for the men

and women?

The dearest and the   deluded ‘couples

The Lost bretheren who threw anchor on sand-shark soil … (no anchor bites there) And your boat will drift with the tide …

just as your mind now wonders at night,

next to your dead relationship,

there you lie,


Yet you cannot sleep

We who lie next to ‘mummies` … with a slight pulse

Luke warm cold fish

`There hover the two of you

Waiting, hoping, wishing? …

whilst life ticks away

while the `best years fall like sand on dead ground

Thinking about that girlfriend from the end of school days

Or the one that got away

Or your frist love?

It all seems a lifetime away

and it is

it is from a Movie

A teenage Justin Biber Sugar`coated lie

Give it time,


His breath too will stink

SOmewhere  someone told us a lie

And for some reason we coul d never quite get away from that Fairy Fable


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