Vulgar Species

what should we regret most abt our Race?


Their Bad dress sense, and

Vulgar self presserved Vanity

Their  Over compensating false friendlyness

The Pretense

and The Trivia

The BS Newspaprers and Celebrity gossip

FB Peanut Gallery, and Tiring unoriginality

TV ‘s, and all the reality shows

DJ’s Banter on the car radio …

Idiotic arguments from every angle … you cannot escape it

Cut and Paste Originality

Photoshoped sunsets,

Smoothed out pimpled meritriscious bimbos with plastic tits

High Maintenance whores eating horney middle aged mens wallets from the inside out, And breaking a few million of the ‘losers’ balls

The overpowering Smell of Cheap, or expensive spray on Au Du Toilet

Polluting the day,

And night with,

Garbage, Noise, or smell (sometimes all three)

Cramming in on the Economy seats flying to a ‘Get away’ where there is another ten thousand assholes (just like themsleves) …

Squeezing the life out of every not yet fucked in the ass thing

Eating like pigs,

Ruining the dunes,

Driving in big SUV’s with stickers about organic  Chickens,

And Save the Whales and the Rhinos

Rushing to the Eat all you can Restaurants,

Getting drunk and frisky

Being phoney

And Chroming the double barrel of the Harley exhaust

Fair weather Muther fuckers …

We are The Most Vulgar of all the Species


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