I am He

“so happy to be Alone

so happy to be free of the BS story

so happy to have a beer for breakfast

and to blow my money on me

so happy I can shit”

Once I was a child, I thought like a child, but now I v grown up”

There is no one who ‘Complete `you

someone else will just make you feel more incomplete

SOmeone who l blame you

not keep their word

and fuck you around

someone who l have agendas

and tell you lies

Sell you shit, and pretend it is shinola you r suppose to be looking forward too …


If more men had balls, and brains they d see this,

instead their little dove goons makes the descision, paint it white pickered, and

I am the enemy

I came on in Spades,

and swam up stream

Their Bearclaws and righteous God are waiting to eat my ass for breakfast


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