Elusive slippery eel(just quick thought` for the day)

Some things you don’t learn in school

Not even in those silverspoon Mofo boys clubs like Bishops

Some shit the adults don`t tell you(not even the decent and slightly honest ones)

Some things the adults themselves are still struggling with, but as a child  you do not know this … You look up to them.

A major portion of shit escapes just about everyone, and therefore we grab at anything that we are offered … and once the BS seed has hit the soil, uprooting the bush is an almost impossible task

Spreading rumours,

And talking nonsense is what we do best.

Religion depends on this

You`d think (as a child)Adults should know better, but sadly the norm is the older we get the more stupid(it seems), the more religious, the majority of us get. Maybe its because we  realise in  part we are not bullit proof, and maybe we should make amnends with ou Saviour before , we take the lift to down under?

SO I must read Bullshit about Cheepers, and his Great Plan on FB.

Ask a child instead for some honesty?

But ultimately adults mess up even good kids with crap ideologies, and ruin them for life!

Few escape the curse of Religion,

One way or another fit has an effect, and mostly it is negative

Few have the nerve to question it , it is a suggested that we should not talk about it, or rather not argue about it. That we should respect other people’s beliefs

Unfortunately a lot of people hide behind this

And often common sense is sacrificed to accommodate religion, and its dogma

With, or without Your Saviour, you r screwed once things are really broken down

When you are poor and ugly

You will be


No one is coming down here

To rescue you

Not Lara Ass`Raider Craft or JC

The Church is a Bussness and it steals gullible people`s money for empty promises(in retrun)

Its incredible –  in the Age of the Ipone,  Religion still survive

Today a lot of people apparently still think a Jesus  is coming back on a white Horse

He also apperently knows the Train schedule, and gives a fuck about you spanking you`r monkey in a porter shithouse, And

He is taking names, and keeping numbers …

Yesterday some guy came knocking on my door

‘Saying “The Lord sent me”

I told him ‘ no thanks’

Clearly if the Lord was speaking to him, then the Lord would have told him stay away from  me

Maybe The Lord was just testing him?

Perhaps the Lord has a sick sense of humour

Perhaps the Lord must constantly ‘test’ everyone’

Perhaps He gets off on people s hopes being squashed?

Perhaps, possible its all nonsense? This God story …


The Lord has apparently a Plan.(So says the believers)

In SA we have a huge percentage of people that believe in this. People that from a young age where told ‘How it works”

However I sometimes wonder how many really believe this.

People that have an incling of guts,  honesty, and brains, must have at least at times have a reasonable amount of doubt themselves?

Or Not?

But the believers believers will call that doubt. That is seen as a an attack from the enemy

Doubt that Nick( the Horned fellow) had put in your mind …

God still has his Plan, But you must believe in it!


One Guy in the Unit said, ” Oh its Pancake day” Uh?

It was raining. His wife knew, that if there were no pancakes , when it rained, then there was going to be shit! SO when he got home , there were pancakes.  He also  was a Believer off course

Fuck, poor old Noah s wife mus t have been cooking up Pancake Hell! Must  still be e Genius Record?


I listened to the Eagles, and their song Lying Eyes.

It describes the Urge, and Want, and the grabbing at straws …

It tells an all familiar story

Of Love and the lie of it

A Young fiddle and an old Man

And a Young fool waitng with dreams in shadows …

It tells that intimacy is elusive at best

And we search for mirriors that lie to our hearts

If God was ‘personal and cared, what about all these things?

Broken hearts, and Famine to name but two


When your sweatheart breaks your heart, you may go and look and call on Jesus, or Bingo. Take your pick


Fat chicks still have to keep small smelly dogs, and watch DVD s alone

The Meretricious whores at the Waterfront wearing Louieeee` Vitton  never has to wait too long for God to send a Man

They have been blessed by God , and been trained by Mom




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