What if?

What if ?

What if …

Money did not matter?

What if,

The Hail didnt destroy the crops?

What if,

Politicians where not corrupt?

And the Police where to serve and protect?

WHat if ,

The Big Corporate Companies where true to a tenth of their PR HR Propoganda Slogans(Ha-ha)

What if,

The one hand washed the other, and friends kept their word?

And (biggest joke of them all) WHat if, Integrity actually mattered?

What if,

Real Art and Poetry could be understood, instead of all the chocolate box rubbish that the peanut gallery uphold as this(maybe thats pushing even the sentiment of this stupid note?

What if,

Teachers helped those who needed help, instead of favoring The rich precoscious brats

What if,

We could have understood more about most things just a little bit better, instead of cutting and pasting, and talking BS?

What if,

Or rather imagine perhaps, what could have been? …

If we where not lied too from the time we opened our eyes … until our dying breath

What if parent s where good, not fucked up(themselves)

                                        (Imagine no more stupid shit     pushed down the troats of young people?) 

Imagine if everyone could recognise a little bit?

Perhaps then the pumped up testosterone, and meritricious*

plastic tit would evaporate ?

What if the promised inheritance materialised?

What if People could be trusted?

What if all the lies we where told were actually true?(About “a Man in the sky, and it all works out in the end”

WHat if i or U could have changed?

MAde the nessasary transitions


Or …

Let`s perhaps only sing to John Lennon

song `Imagine when we are stoned  ?

* Meritricious/ alluring by a show of flashy or vulgar attractions; tawdry. 2. based on pretense, deception, or insincerity. 3. pertaining to or characteristic of a prostitute.


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