Duplicitous … ‘ is die Omo box in die venster’

My brother used the term, and I think he nailed it

Another youngster told me , His girlfriend was just with him till someone better arrived

He told me, that he believed  women where like monkeys, swinging from branch to branch,

however the monkey would only leave the the tree she was in if a better tree presented itself … SO he was stuck with her, because SHe had not found her Prince yet. He was contemplating leaving, but he too possible hoped she would against all odds stay?

But he knew he was fucking on borrowed time

A guy I know came back from the bush, fighting for The Apartheid Regime, finding jus this uniform hanging in the house, the chairs,a nd TV was gone, and so was She

Another Sergent Major heard he too no longer made the grade, his wife banging a Pilot instead

Another living a few doors down from my flat discoverd his sweet Candy was doing the Gym Instructor, after he paid for her Silicone Upgrade …

Off course there are some good folk too, out there(somewhere), The Fat or flat chested women are to be seeked out, if you want longivety in your …(regarding the assosiation)

Some diamonds are still in the rought likwise, but they may be hard to find, and not all that common, not like the adverts you see on TV, nor the love you read of in You magazine

AND, Off course men are dicks too,

The Stinky Banana wearing the Cuba to Kalbay Bandana to thik of …


Nothing, no minerals …

Yet they l tell you how they could have, would have …’ Done her” etc etc

Loud and flabby, with loads of stories

But if the fatso wanker has money, and ‘charm’ he may(yet)

Bullshit and convince a damsel in distress …

I could mention some names, but for the moment I wont … For the sake of the male acquantances that have suffred this ever so commmon a misfortune

 Most of these studs never saw it coming, unawre their wifey` was fucking the Gym Instructer, or That the Orthopedic Surgeon was doing Coke with the WIFE , and then ass banging her till the whites of her eyes showed

I sat in a porter house cabin drinking cheap whiskey with a guy crying over his plastic tit wife, who was fucking her long ago boyfriend on his money …(he was working a shithole in Iraq)

He is one one thousands of guys who this has happened too

If you have a wife, and are a contractor, your wife possible has done her share too?

Goodluck mate


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