Reality is an insect eating your matress

All the Gossip, and stories ?

What does it add?

What does it do for you?


There is an endless supply of fables, lies, and wishful thinking … Yet it goes on

In contradiction, and

Quite ironic is the fact that, the very people who swear to seek the truth,

Do not know it, nor even prefer it(not really)


Her soon to be ex hub’stand tells her

” I ll give you what you want”

He does not want to give her anything really, but he is scared of getting an audit on his business, so  now he plays nice’

Another has a delinquent son, who has no direction nor much ambition

A 50 plus woman walks door to door trying to sell a product She believes in,

She gets nowhere  … everyone is too busy with their own Shit to really pay much attention

Everywhere there seem to be a scheme, and a Promotion,

Eat as much as you can on Wednesdays,

Then go home with your stomach bloated, sore,

And shit through the eye of a needle

Another  guy plays computer games all day long

And another drives to the shopping Mall

A guy cuts the grass

A woman does her nails

A dog pisses on a sidewalk

The Church takes the money of off old ladies,

And the pastors and priest lie for a living,

Selling Bullshit and Budist

The Politicians corrupt as ever,

With the cops in their pocket

Business by wheelers and Dealers

Jamstealers take you for a ride

Youth is wasted on the young

The old `knows

The game is crooked

The Bent over Old man who shat his pants

Eat soup with a dirty spoon

Alone in a little town


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