Nature is calling

no desire to drink, unless its to pass out(perhaps)…

no desire to stand in a room with a fake smile,

and make small talk

No energy to Sell myslef or a Product …

Never was  Salesman material

Salesman = Jamstealer= wannabee= ?


No desire to smell (their) perfume, cologne, or stinking breath,

I rather go pick up dogshit

A Place full of people, is a place full of  trouble

No desire to go for a ride with the Harley club

The “Attorneys and Dentists  doing the Rebel Pose … is really unconvincing to everyone, except themselves??

Coffeeshop cowboy leather patches  wolve`s tattoo hairy arms … haha(shame)

no desire to stand in a stadium and watch a show, Not even  the Chillie Peppers

no desire to own a TV set …

No interest in the Cricket

Dont care what Mallema is doing … When he goes, another will replace him.

Not interested what the journalists are selling  … tomorrow they `l all hate Lance Armstrong, and last year they told us he was god’s cousin

No desire to ‘have’ a woman

`To be in a relationship`

No thanks

I m not getting up early-or late

or going to some barbecue with her friends

no energy left to ‘impress’ some tart;

for the sake of inside thigh

no interest in your FB gossip

no interest in your holiday snaps

I never rated ‘pretty women

to be beautiful

Plastered dols

sugarcoated evil …


its better to ride alone

drink alone

to wax your carrot

listen to ipod

youtube Nikon D 800

The wind is a beter friend than any person out there

The light and the moon

The sand and the stone

The rain and the rivers

The dunes and the trees

The birds and the creatures

Stay away from man(men)&woman(women)


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