more nonsense


Run away kite

cup of half a joe

coiled up

heard my father say … “n halwe eier,is beter as n lee dop”

Well … pour me a stiff one

This life;


Blackboard fingernail scratchin

Drag whats left

Valleys of shit

Non excistent truths

Love five hundred  women … only seperated

By a smell

A drink

A train ride,

Seperated by;

A  passing glimpse in a puddle

And then

The invisible Hen

is gone


We hate them all

They all failed us

No one reached the other side

plumbers tape could not fix the leak

Carlson Mccullers

There’s one sailing on stormy waters

A silhouete

touched the seam of a velvet dress

dived of cliffs

Woke before

The Crystal Water


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