there`s no Estate up there

granma W

died alone

and so did Granma V

V wasnt for Victory, and W was not for Winner

I ll die alone

and so will you

You possible think Cheebers be waiting at some Gate? WIth the keys for your Mansion, and a few Virgins thrown in?

ANd Nick s already putting more coals on for me(ha-ha)

SO funny

SO stupid

” when I was a child I thought like a child, but now I am a man, and have let the things of a child be …”  or somehting like that

the Book with the Black rules read

SO funny, but not ha-ha.. not happy funny… sad funny

sick funny

twisted demented absurdt

Moses in a burning Bush

hillarious … like coco on evil juice

the bride of Chucky?

and you ll still die alone

I just fucking hope I dont die in a plane crash, jesus getting all the meat from a fat stinking human all over me, and my eyeball landing in the lap of the Buck teeth airhostess??

FUck I d rather be hit by a truck

Maybe a crow can have some of me?

Thats not so bad

Giving somehting back???


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