Bring back Neil Diamond

Old dogs cannot do new tricks

I v realized

I possible wont be joining the Boswell Wilky Circus

I had dreams(too) …

First I wanted to be a a Garbageman …when I was three … I use to watch those Zulus  run past our house in PTA ….with the dustbins, whisttling and shouting …  as they went … They where my first role models, my heroes …  it was all downhill from there …

I never wanted to be a Cop

or a Doctor

Or the Headboy

I wasnt born a pimp either;( …

Then I wanted to be a Vet

But I struggled with standard nine Maths.

The Math teacher was sweet. She taught us how to strip a lawnmower engine, and how to make fudge. She also had a pretty daughter. I went to their house on weekends. We rode motorbikes, and swam in the river. Unfortunately me, and the whole class went under in the exams … Making fudge didn’t count, and it wasn’t even a question in the exams

then off course, I never went to University, instead I boxed and destroyed my braincells …

I smoked with the Bergies in CT

In the old days’ you could have a good old bar’room brawl

Now everyone runs to the Police.

Or they shoot you

Or worse you go to court, and thats a fuckup if ther ever was one

in the old days you didn`t need to do all these Mickey Mouse courses …

If you had done some other ‘things’

Things changed

You don’t see the Navy Divers on the Obstacle any longer …

We do not write letters these days

We skype

And we whatsup

We Google

Shop at Woolworths for Designer Chicken Ass

Organic whale plankton

Everything must be Organic

If you`r very `with it`, you got solar pannels

You have black gay friends

You love everyone

Now you`r designer ‘Alone


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