Brazil = fit for chimp like me



Michelle W came all the  ‘way’ from Standerton …To Tell me

“Dont fall in love”

She was in love with the love idea

And for a few days I was the bulls eye …(but that faded )

Took me three days to get to Universo

Big GreenJungle

Met some Locals

Smoked Brazilian and  Peruvian Uncut 

Walked around

Perved at the Peruvian Thin girl

and Gypsy Acrobats

Camped next to a Dealer

Saw scorpions, and spiders shared the tent

Parrots Monkeys Fullmoon

Surreal …

Chain Malboro smoking Indians

On the way past the white chill out’ tent

A Reggae version of Elvis ‘s

” I did not tell you …” or something like that

And Durban’s  pointy tits …

Hit me …

Next day at the Drum and Base tent …

Saw Colorfull raked Lady Snake

 Brazilian, Mamm’ illion

 … The Durbanite’

That Brazilian trip …

Broke balls

Michelle moved on … 

She realised I was ‘ picasso’

I fell in 

And out of love

At least a dozen times

With three women

All back in SA …

THen I stopped all the drugs, and soon I felt much better

Took a boat to I`Ile Grande

Walked to Lopez Mendez  = 5 hours through the Jungle

Got bit by mosquitos, saw bright snakes

In Saquerema I met a crazy Belgian

Shat green(Literally) …. after the old sardines I ate

And looked at Bikini Bottoms

for the Bassit …

Before I got on the bus for San Paulo


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