Buck Eyed Killer Headlights

A girlfriend’s Mother  ‘

Called him

‘ Black sparrow ‘

Leigh Robertson cried ‘death and darkness”

Insignificant amount of dust

Fallen through the hour glass

Wasted contemplation

Chaffed marbles 

‘Life happens’

John Lennon said

A short while seperate

Beginning from end

Thin Margin

Between the supposedly Brave and the  ‘coward`


By the ankle,

And hung from he neck …

Last week`s Winner


This week`s 

             One Eyed Jack

Suffocated by Thuesday …  

We soldier on

Sometimes …

A cloud would tease you

Bowl you out’

‘Show it’s skirt’ …

On your way Home

Went past Misty Cliffs

Smelled the Atlantic …

Thought of Suzanne’

Strawberry Tits

When you arrived,

She was cold towards you

So you left

The Germam ANke` `Red Lips` they called her,

Disappeared one final time at the Waterfront.

The Kalbay Hippie  moved on(Prefered less angry men)

Trendy C missed her first love,

The Goaty Bandanna

From Kalkbay to Cuba

The Film Producer is, again

Back with the guitar player

Another Fidle fit Female procured

Her Invetstment Banker

Lives in Constantia

A Squerrel from Gardens … found an acorn


The One he called Ferrit

Won a Chef

Has two Ginger cats

Lives in a cottage,

On your way to Franschoek

Hellshoogte …

Pictures in wallet of the animals(no photo of her Kook)…

Joburg Michelle posts pictures of herself and her Guy on FB. (how long will that last?)

Hanging on to something.


For the sake of what others may think’

All victims … one way or another …

Escape with your thoughs

To where no one goes …

dreaming sometimes

‘ Maybe-Perhaps’


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