U offend me (& I hope I return the favor)


the forum for the insipid

chocolatebox murial

photoshopped (to death)sunset

the tool unsharpened

the stool in the nostril

the limp dick pretending to be

the ‘hard tril’

the stupid unoriginal

the repeated cliche

the boring holiday snaps

the pseudo activist

the angler with his fat gut

the ex jamstealer with a machinegun

the current jamstealer in a suit and tie

the meritriscous in pink

the dirty hippy with fists of respect

the farmers wife with milky tits(nice)

the dentist’s wife on Holiday trips

the contractors wife with new plastic barbie tits

and then then some  hypocrites

and poisoned dwarfs

to complete the spectacle

Jeere jussus It all offends me


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