its not easy ‘ Harriet’

“Don`t let it get to you …

Do not get so upset …”

I was unable to follow that advice

It always did, get to me …


Got to me …

Dying got to me

And living got to me

Living a lie got to me the most

Flogged dead horses …

Naive, foolish …

eventually  even a rubber chicken break it`s neck

My get up and go … fucked off … and went (as Bam’Bam use to say)


Sometimes one may smell  past `aromas

Sometimes ,

when the trees allow me to pass under them

My mind gets full of these questions …

WHat happened to Her?

Did her spirit also croak?

DId She also sell out?

Did a Man break her,

Or did life just crawl out of the drain and bite her in the ass?


Jewish Delight

Parktown blossom

(My Fantasy for many years)

Driving past Zoolake

I had visions

Of ‘us ‘on one of those stupid little rowboats

I kept hoping (“maybe someday”)

I prayed to Cheebpers … maybe He d grant it? … And send her back to me

However …

What was I going to say, if I ever got her into that thing?

Possible would have made a mess of it.

She Went to France

With those legs,

And a strawberry tattoe


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