Some of them came from Angola

They used to use the word


meant propperly

It describes things

Also a few other sayings

we come across

The saying don`t come  …

Here at Ninety nine

Also describes it well(to me/ for me)

‘I will Part this place a Pull ‘(Jannie Engelbreght)

‘Time is Few’ ( Blackie Swart /5 Recce)

‘I kick your fucking tooth out'( Trips Pretorious (Donkergat )

” Ek skop haar op haar kont, tot haar poes fluit” (Smiley/ Donkergat) …

And ”  …skop jou binne in jou ma se poes in …”  ( Cape Colored saying)

“Jy vat my vir n gaar duif’ (JBay 1987)

I am what I is Frank Zappa apparently said  …

‘ Like ducks water off my back PW Botha(or was it Pik?) said …

Some English guys had phrases like

`Screw the nut`

“Crack on”

and ‘Bone’

” carrots and piss”

Describing, things quite well(I thought)…

A Rupert is another apt description for a Wise ass Officer sitting in HQ giving orders, but at the same time never been in the trenches) etc …

And then …

You have the ‘ with it’ wankers … with their lingo

Words like ” jozie’ (Joburg)

Fab (fabulous)

`It’s a Plez’ (pleasure)  …

The phrases;





`awesome’ …

A whole lot of insipid morons love the word ‘passion’

Some of you

I may

want to bless


” A pearl neckless”


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